•   Field Direct Program

Hermes Nursery Products

Growing beautiful trees and shrubs is the heart of what we do. Hermes Nursery stands behind the product we offer and we guarantee that our stock is sold true to name. Decades of establishing best practices and refining our plant selection all contributed to where we are today, and you get great product from a company you can count on.

Our Field Direct program ships our locally-grown trees and shrubs directly from our fields to your job site or distribution center. It’s the same great quality material you would find in a wholesale yard, but by saving the cost of maintaining the product in a holding area, you improve your bottom line. We know you’ll love the trees, and you’ll really love the pricing.

Producing superior quality plant material is both an art and a science. Product that is straight, uniform, hardy, and handsome requires a great deal of care and expertise. We have learned there are no short cuts when it comes to growing the best of the best. Superior growing practices mean superior product—period.

Did you know?

Hermes Nursery Landscape Distribution Center now supplies exclusively to Hermes Landscaping. Check here for info on how to get great trees and shrubs through our Field Direct Program.